Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baby onesie: Green raw silk and lace #2

This is a smaller version of the other onesie I made (see earlier posts) with green raw silk but I used a white short-sleeved onesie for more of a summer look! The flower is made of cream lace, Large white polka-dotted lace, green raw silk and a small floral print material.

The skirt has small gathering/pleats and is trimmed with a pink/cream lace.

The back also has a beautiful topstiching. This onesie is sized at 0-3 months and priced at $30 It IS available NOW so drop me an email if you are interested!

Stay tuned for more soon!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hello to All!

In this post I would like to reiterate what this business is about! For all those who are first time visitors to this site WELCOME and stick around to see some fabulous new things in the next few weeks! If you are a follower, thank you for your support, I greatly appreciate it and please tell all your friends about it!

As you all may know "Couture by Cassia" is a clothing line created by yours truly. I have spent many years designing and sewing many articles of clothing and crafts. I created this business to share the talent God has given me to benefit others! I am going to now broaden my horizons and pioneer a new avenue with "Couture by Cassia". If you would like to make a special request of something you would like to have made or idea on something you think others may enjoy, I am asking you that you will please email me at

I am now proud to announce that i will be posting various examples of things i have made that WILL be available for sell as well! I can also take orders for these things. Also the onesies dresses below are models to give an idea of what i can do! I DO TAKE ORDERS AS WELL! If you email me again at with the babies size and color scheme you would like i will send you a copy of an order and have it shipped to you on the date you specify(If ordered a week in advance)! Now remember, “Couture by Cassia” has the right to specify a price on any of these because each one is made unique and different than the other!

If you have ANY questions please email me and I will get back to you within 24 hours! Also if you would like to know more please read the first post made in January 2011. Thank you for all the support and I hope you enjoy the exciting new things coming soon!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby onesie: Midnight Madness

I like to call this onesie "Midnight madness"! This was one of my favorite onesies possibly because of the color sceme or how it has a adorable bubble hem at the bottom! Ihave sold this particular onesie but if you like the style and would like something similiar drop me an email at!

This is a gray and off-white striped onesie with handmade purple, silver, and black velvet collage of flowers and leaves. The top of the silver silk bubble skirt starts with a black velvet mock belt connected by a tiny silk rosett.

Front View

Back View

Detailed roses and leaves (sorry its blurry)

Mock belt with silk rosett

Leave a comment I would love to hear your imput! Also please tell anyone you can about this site! Spread the Word to Family and friends!:) Enjoy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby onesie: Green raw silk and lace!

Nowadays it is very difficult to find dressy clothes for newborns. With this in mind i have created a line of onesies that would be perfect for a party, church service or any outing for your family that requires you to dress up. This way your baby will feel comfortable yet look gorgeous at the same time!

Here is an example of what the onesies look like. This one is was absolute favorite because it has an edgy feminine look. The onesie is tan/cream striped with a lacy design. the skirt part is made of raw silk and another type of soft lace. The color scheme is a light green and cream. The end of the skirt part is embellished with special stitching and the back of the skirt part has a small flower.
Front view

Back view.

Close up of stitching on skirt.

Upper part of onesie.

Each onesie is handwashable and has no stitching on the inside to rub against your babys skin! Also these onesies are easy to change diapers because it still has the snap bottom under-neath the skirt part. I have sold this particular onesie but if you would like to cutom ordera onesie or If you have any further questions drop me an email at: enjoy!:)

Open for Business!

Hello to All!

Welcome to "Couture by Cassia"! It has always been a dream of mine to start up a clothing line and with the encouragement of family/friends, here I am! Everything on this site will be handmade and sewn by yours truly! I hope to branch out to many other avenues in time and if you have any questions or ideas please email me at

To start off i would like to say how excited i am to FINALLY get a post up! Many of you have been asking when i would have pictures up and i am sorry it took so long!In the next few weeks i will try to post pictures of everything i have available! Again, if you would like to request another color of something or custom order something just drop me an email!

At this time i will be selling Baby onesies (all sizes from newborn-18 months) , Crocheted headwraps, ties, bowties, and material flowers. Also my onesies will be available on under the name "couturebycassia". I hope you enjoy my heartfelt creations...created for you!:)